We are a team of Developers and Designers

About us

Our team was founded on January 2018 by Alisson and Eduardo.

One of our first projects was @EduuRobot. It was initially designed to be a group admin bot on a group created by Eduardo. After some days, we saw that a group administration bot was a great idea, so we made the bot public for everyone.

After EduuRobot, we started many other projects, most of them open source. You can see some of these projects below.

Our projects


Python Framework for Telegram bot API.

🇧🇷.ml (brdotml)

A Simple PHP URL shortener.


An Unofficial Telegram client.


Python module to search on DuckDuckGo.


Multipurpose Bot for Telegram written in Python.


Telegram bot for searching Brazil license plates.


Python bot and library to search for music lyrics.


Cute Telegram bot written in Python.


Multipurpose Python Userbot for Telegram.

Contact us

You can contact us by sending an email to contact@amanoteam.com or joining our discussion at @AmanoChat.